Unfortunately, there won’t be any posts on this blog for a while. Please enjoy the previously added content though.

This poem is called ‘Chicken dinner’ and it is written by the ‘mysteriously’ named K, who tends to write short, quirky poems. This one especially amused me.

This poem is called ‘Ribeye’ and it is by David (1MereMortal), who has a very interesting blog on WordPress – which is well worth a visit. Personally, I can completely empathise with this poem, as I have recently been on a restrictive diet for health reasons.

Anyway, the line in the poem about ‘temptation’ made me think of a religious struggle between good (vegetables) and evil (meat). So my mind wandered, and below is the tongue in cheek result. It doesn’t quite fit the poem perfectly, but it is good fun.

This is a poem called ‘Life’ by Kierranne, she has a blog called Poems and a Magic Bow on wordpress. I initially tried to make this graphic represent every aspect of this poem, but its imagery is so wide ranging I found this difficult. So instead I settled for something which looks nice, and contains the themes of ‘dance’ and ‘stars’.

This is a poem by Christina Rossetti called ‘The Months’. I chose it because it was quite a simple concept to make a graphic out of.

This is the first paragraph of a poem called ‘All I wanted was to find the truth’ by Nicholas Gordon. His website http://www.poemsforfree.com/  has a wide array of interesting poetry on it. Here I was working back from an idea for a design I had, using a suitable poem from his website to occupy the space and add meaning – in future I hope to ‘work forward’ (i.e. use his poety as ‘inspiration’) with one of his poems.

This is a poem by Eliza Davies about her love of England (she is originally from Poland). It is called ‘My love of England’.